Policies, Standards and Certifications


MPS Group, Inc. is ISO 14001 certified and ISO 9001 certified.

We are committed to continuous improvement of our environmental management practices while becoming a model for environmental performance in our industry.

We empower each employee to proactively promote environmental leadership through the following principles:

      Preservation – to actively explore, create and communicate ways to prevent pollution and
       to preserve natural resources.
      Partnership – to build strong relationships, internally and externally, to sustain our
      Environmental Conformance and Risk Reduction – to utilize best management practices
       to ensure that our facilities, processes and operations meet or exceed all applicable
       regulatory rules and regulations.
      Restoration – to promptly and responsibly correct any condition which jeopardizes the
       sustainability of our environment.

To assist in the promotion of these principles, MPS maintains a robust environmental management system, certified to the ISO 14001 standard, including environmental objectives and targets consistent with this system that is measurable, meaningful and understandable. This system, including progress toward the achievement of the objectives and targets, is communicated to our employees, community as well as other stakeholders.


MPS Group, Inc. has an integrated Quality Management System and Environmental Management System (QMS/EMS) that helps our organization operate with increased effectiveness, consistency, to reduce the impact of operations, activities, products and services on the environment and to achieve customer satisfaction. Our QMS/EMS utilizes the process approach, quality and environmental management principles contained in the international standards ISO 9000:2000, ISO 9001:2000, ISO 14001:2004 and ISO 9004:2000 to enhance our ability to continually improve.

Our commitment to quality is demonstrated through:
Employee Training and Accountability
Pollution Prevention and Management
Understanding and Servicing Customer’s Needs and Expectations
Incorporating the Latest, Most Innovative Practices, Products and Services Available
Continual Improvement of Services


At MPS Group, we believe that employee safety is critical no matter what the project entails or where it’s located. That’s why we take a comprehensive approach to safety that includes the development of robust health and safety plans and meticulous oversight and monitoring of all aspects of our safety program. MPS Group has a rigorous training program that provides its employees with the highest level of safety training available. MPS is proud to consistently rank amongst the safest companies in our industry.


MPS Group is the proud recipient of numerous awards, including:
Black Entrepreneurs Top 100
General Motors Supplier of the Year (multiple)
Best and Brightest 100 Places to Work
Future Fifty Diamond Awards
MMSDC Supplier of the Year
NMSDC Diamond Award