Policies, Standards and Certifications

Safety, Environmental and Quality Management

MPS is ISO-certified and operates under an integrated Quality and Environmental Management Systems (QEMS), meeting the requirements of the standards of ISO 14001:2015 and 9001:2015. The ISO standards and our QEMS have been an integral part of the major reorganization and growth initiative we began in 2009. As a result, we have seen significant and positive changes in our leadership team, management philosophy, business processes, operations and in the continued growth of our company.

The purpose of our QEMS is to:

  • Help our organization operate with increased effectiveness and consistency

  • Reduce the impact of operations, activities, products and services on the environment

  • Achieve customer satisfaction

Our MPS Farmington Hills facility is certified through TÜV SÜD America, Inc. The scope of our certificate includes:

The Development and Provision of Services for Environmental
Program Management, and Industrial Cleaning Management.

Our certificates expire April 7, 2022. Our next surveillance audit will be conducted February 2020.

It is every MPS employee's responsibility to ensure quality services are provided to our customers as well as identifying, eliminating or controlling our operational impact on the environment. The QEMS program is our business operating tool for accomplishing this. Our policies encapsulate our commitment and focus on what is important to our organization, which provides a framework and direction for establishing corporate performance metrics and improvement objectives.

Corporate Safety Policy Statement

MPS management is committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment for all our employees at all our operating locations. We are dedicated to identifying, correcting and preventing safety, health and environmental hazards that could adversely affect employees, customers and the public. This commitment includes ensuring all applicable regulatory safety, health and environmental protection requirements are complied with and that adequate resources are provided to our employees. To this end, the objective of our Health, Safety and Environment Management Program is to:

  1. Implement a program for conducting routine safety and health inspections to identify and eliminate unsafe working conditions or practices and control health hazards.

  2. Maintain a comprehensive and effective safety and health training program for all new and existing personnel.

  3. Provide effective personal protective equipment to all employees, as well as mechanical and physical safeguards appropriately.

  4. Establish and enforce company-wide safety and health policies requiring compliance by every MPS employee as a condition of employment.

  5. Investigate incidents to determine cause, implement effective corrective actions and reduce the likelihood of recurrence.

  6. Disseminate a safety program that promotes and encourages active participation from all employees yet advocated and driven from executive management first and foremost.

Matt Rasak, Corporate Health and Safety Director
July 2019

Quality Policy

MPS is committed to understanding and satisfying the requirements of our customers and other interested parties with focus on strategic development, quality and environmental objectives, and continual improvement efforts to achieve this promise.

Environmental Policy

MPS empowers each employee to proactively promote environmental leadership through the following PREP principles:

  1. Preservation – actively preserve, reuse and recycle resources.

  2. Restoration – correct conditions that impacts environmental sustainability.

  3. Environmental Conformance – operate within environmental regulations.

  4. Partnership – build strong internal and external relationships to prevent pollution.

Darrin Stafford, COO
MPS Group, Inc.


MPS Group is the proud recipient of numerous awards, including:
Black Entrepreneurs Top 100
General Motors Supplier of the Year (multiple)
Best and Brightest 100 Places to Work
Future Fifty Diamond Awards
MMSDC Supplier of the Year
NMSDC Diamond Award